By Brigette Currin 1 minute read

nor(DEV):con 2017 celebrated the best and brightest from the digital tech sector in the East of England – welcoming over 400 delegates – its biggest turnout to date.

The three day annual conference (23-25 February), organised by Paul Grenyer of Naked Element, in Norwich included over 25 speakers and a schools day.  TechEast Chair and Co-Founder of Inasight – Neil Miles, spoke about the latest thinking and practical use of predictive analytics and machine learning.

Paul Grenyer, nor(DEV):con organiser, told the EDP: “Today technology is so ingrained and intertwined with the local economy that one cannot exist without the other and nor(DEV):con is a celebration of this.”

Microsoft evangelist, Paul Foster talking about the schools day, told the EDP: “We need more technologists, more engineers going forward, so if we can inspire young people to follow a technical education and move forward to a technical career then we will start to have that right workforce there so the UK can achieve more.”

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