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Regional and National Ecosystems: Untapped Potential

Over the past year, following input from start-ups, investors, local government policymakers and other members of the te

Norfolk & Suffolk Economic Strategy

The Norfolk & Suffolk Economic Strategy outlines ambitious plans for future growth across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport: Assessing the UK’s Regional Digital Ecosystems

This report summarises the findings of research into the digital ecosystems of the UK’s nations and regions, commissio …

Decarbonising transport: a better, greener Britain

This plan sets out the government’s commitments and the actions needed to decarbonise the entire transport system in t …

The 2021 Skills Audit

This year we have surveyed more than 800 digital technology businesses and professionals to pull together our annual ski

UK Research and Development Roadmap

The UK is internationally recognised for our leadership in research, and the innovation in our economy

Industrial Strategy

Building a Britain fit for the future


A guide to PR for SMEs and Startups

This is a summary of some of things Matt Phillips has learned along the way, split into three sections.

Five tech megatrends set to take 2022 by storm

As we enter 2022, which incredibly marks 15 years since the iPhone first hit our shelves, what are the technological...

High Potential Opportunities

The UK is a global leader in next generation telecommunications. The roll-out of 5G and fibre broadband supported by gov

Guide To Scaling Up Your Emerging Business

A guide to give founders a high-level overview of the legal issues they might face when looking to scale up their busine

How digital innovation can have a big impact on small businesses in the East of England

When we think about the East of England, we often think about the region’s farming, beautiful beaches and windmills.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards

Helping Board members get to grips with Cyber Security

Connected Places: Cyber Security Principles Guide

This guidance will help authorities build awareness and understanding of the security considerations needed to design,

Connected Places: new NCSC security principles for 'Smart Cities'

NCSC Technical Director warns that 'Connected Places' will likely be a target for malicious actors.

Mitigating malware and ransomware attacks

National Cyber Security Centre - How to defend organisations against malware or ransomware attacks

Phishing attacks: defending your organisation

National Cyber Security Centre - How to defend your organisation from email phishing attacks.

Defensive lines

Mills & Reeve cyber response team have recently undertaken research with clients and contacts in a range of key sectors

Mills & Reeve Cyber Report

Here’s a short video where we introduce the report