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If you are struggling to train and retain your technicians, then you might need Netmatters’ Skills Bootcamp.

Our Skills Bootcamp can upskill employees in 60 Hours

Finding the right web & software developers can be challenging and offering quality training & development to your existing team can be just as hard. If you are struggling to train and retain your technicians, then you might need Netmatters’ Skills Bootcamp.

The Skills Bootcamp is a 60-hours training course that will equip your staff with a strong foundation of skills in web and software development. Our Department for Education backed Upskill initiative will see Netmatters collaborate with you, and create a tailored training program specific to your business. This ensures we get your staff from where they are, to where you need them to be.

Part-government funded, this course is part of the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life. It is flexible, thorough, and will unlock potential for both you and your employees. Find out how we helped Spicerhaart to develop their internal talent in our case study.

What Our Bootcamp Can Offer You

  • Equip your staff with in-demand web & software development skills to provide your business with the capabilities needed to thrive in our digital age.
  • Reduce your reliance on recruitment, upskill your current staff and grow your business from within.
  • Remote learning – no internal training resources required.
  • Government grants mean you will only need to pay 10-30% of the course costs.
  • Retain employees by investing in them today.

Who Can Learn?

  • Anyone aged 19+
  • No coding experience required – get your staff those essential building-blocks to begin their careers in software & web development.
  • No upper age gap: give your more senior staff opportunities to learn new skills.

How Does it Work?

  • No need to cut into your team’s working hours unless you decide to integrate the two.
  • Train at home whenever it’s convenient for them.
  • No requirements on your system – all material is accessed through Netmatters.

Our courses can be worked on full-time or part-time, over a period of up to 16 weeks. All coursework details are accessible 24/7 through Netmatters’ own administration system. This means that your team can fit the coursework around their own work/life schedules, making progress when it best suits them.

Why Choose Netmatters’ Skills Bootcamp?

 Invest In Your Team

Your employees have talent and potential, and they are looking to develop these along with their careers. Providing training & development opportunities within their current role will help you to retain your staff, shows that you value what they have to offer and allowing them to grow where they are.

As well as building up your staff for their future, you equip your company for yours: developing long-term employee satisfaction will help you to keep your top talent and continue to grow as a business.

 Learn From the Experts

Netmatters’ development tutors have years of experience in delivering innovative, dynamic web development and software solutions, both internally and for clients, making them the perfect resource for your employees to learn from and develop.

Our head technical tutor, Kayleigh Hall, recently won the 2023 DevelopHER Unsung Hero Award. Regular one-to-one sessions with Kayleigh and other tutors ensure that each course member is being mentored and supported, and remote teamwork and team support allows them to connect with fellow scheme-members to swap experiences and advice.

 Winners of the Princess Royal Training Award 2023

Back in 2020, we were proud to be awarded the Princess Royal Training Award for our innovative Scion Coalition Training Scheme. In 2023, we were proud to have both our Scion and our Skills Bootcamp schemes celebrated once more for our continued efforts to help address a regional skill shortage in software development.

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