By Brigette Currin 1 minute read

Tech East members ubisend chatted to Thea Goodluck from Tech Nation about their company, success and mission.

Tech is increasingly used by businesses to automate work and free up time for employees to focus on less mundane tasks. Enter Norwich-based ubisend, which builds customised AI-driven chatbot solutions that aim to do just that while solving modern business challenges.

The company had been working with SMS until turning its attention to chatbots in 2016, the year that the tech progressed from so-called “weak AI” to sophisticated applications for news, productivity, travel, and much more.

Cofounder and CMO Alex Debecker says that the opportunity for his company to build chatbots for (and work with) global brands such as Unilever and Johnson & Johnson demonstrated how his company’s integrated solutions could add value for established companies.

Thea spoke to Debecker to find out more.