The Suffolk EdTech Conference 

The Suffolk EdTech Conference is a one-day Educational Technology Conference hosted by the Creative Computing Club Team, featuring internationally renown education and technology speakers and workshops. The event is for teachers, business, parents and young people and will have something for everyone to get involved in.

The goal is to highlight the possible technology job opportunities for young people in Suffolk.

All of the profits will go to maintaining the work the Creative Computing Club CIC does in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Event Speakers and workshops

Professor Pam Burnard, Cambridge University (Speaker)
Andy Payne,  Games Aid, British Esports Association (Speaker)
John Greenwood – Cyber, Intelligence & Serious Crime Directorate Protective Services Command  (Speaker)
Bill Thompson, BBC (Speaker)
Simon Glenister, Noise Solution (Speaker)
Melissa Phillips – BAFTA Young Game Designer (Workshop)
Paul Hutson – Digital Skills in the Workplace (Speaker)
Chris Calver – Rapid Education (Workshop)
Rebecca Osbourne – Digital Artist (Workshop)
Frazer Merrick – Digital Sound (Workshop)
Veronika Hoffman – UK Youth (Workshop)
Rosie Dhoopun – Labrinth of Nature (Workshop)
Mike Challis – Digital Sound (Workshop)

more TBC


9:30 am Doors Open

10:00 am Opening Keynote: Speaker TBC

The day will also include a series of hands-on workshops and masterclasses for parents and teachers to gain insight into how technology is used within education following four different streams 10:30 am to 18:00 pm.

Coder: The coder stream focuses on different ways of using code and logical thinking to solve real-world problems and how this can be utilised.

Arts: The arts stream illustrates how image, sound and interactive technology such as gaming can benefit and enrich education.

Futures: What are the benefits and detriments of using technology in education, what are the things to look out for and potential pitfalls in using technology.

Wellbeing and Digital Safety: Explore ways to protect yourself from digital fatigue, learn to be safe online as well as in the real world, in our Wellbeing and Digital Safety stream.

18:00 pm – 20:00 pm

Tech Expert Panel:  In the evening, the event will feature a panel of technology experts ready to answer and discuss questions from the audience with regards to the use of technology.

20:30 pm Closing

Ticket Types Available

Standard Adult £25.00, Standard (Under 16) £15.00 and Non-Attendee Donation Ticket £25.00 for those who can’t attend the event but love what the Creative Computing Club does.

Event Sponsors

Ipswich Borough Council, Creative Computing Club, UK Youth


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