Discover the power of chatbots in recruitment (with demos and live Q&A)

Join us for a live Q&A webinar on recruitment chatbots on Thursday, 15 August at 2PM (BST).

Let’s talk about the future of recruitment

The recruiting process is undergoing a massive overhaul. New artificial intelligent and chatbot technologies are opening new doors for mid to large companies, allowing innovation in a sector that desperately needs it.

During this webinar, our recruitment chatbot specialist will answer all your questions (live or pre-sent). Join us to discover how companies are finally able to swift through 1,000s of CVs and candidates using new technology.

In this webinar, you will:

  • learn why chatbots are taking off in recruitment,
  • discover the impact of a recruitment chatbot, and,
  • learn about algorithmic weighting of candidates, de-biasing the recruitment process, and more.

Are you looking to automate parts of your recruitment process? Is your team physically unable to review all the CVs they receive? Are you struggling to prioritise candidates at scale? Reserve your seat for this live Q&A webinar with our recruitment chatbot expert.

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