If you have built great AI/ML models but there is a high probability you couldn’t fully manage them effectively in the future, would you still go live? In the digital age, AI & Machine Learning have become key sources of market differentiation and these cutting-edge technologies are enabling businesses to unlock the true value of their data assets. However, despite deploying ML models with the best intention, some initiatives fail or fall short in the medium and long term. Why? Could Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) be the necessary element that keeps your models sharp and puts you on the path to AI success? Are you facing challenges with ML deployment? Then this “Ask the Expert” interactive session hosted by Cognizant and leading AI and ML expert Inawisdom, can help. Unless actively maintained, Machine Learning models can lose value over time as business environments change but MLOps is helping businesses to streamline well-established ML practices, ensure long-term success and create an infrastructure for the future. Join us to answer questions such as: • MLOps Basics: Why is everyone talking about it? • What is the importance of MLOps? • How do we deploy MLOps in our organisation and what skills are needed for successful operationalisation? • What long term strategies do I need? • How can I ensure I can scale ML in the future? In this expert session, Karthik Balakrishnan, Director – AWS Data & AI Services, and Gregory Verlinden, Associate VP Analytics and AI, from Cognizant alongside Phil Basford, Head of Solution Engineering, from Inawisdom will look at how you can successfully implement MLOps and maximise the value and impact of your data assets, looking at real-world case studies and demonstrating MLOps in action. Do you have any questions or challenges you would like to share? Put them in the box below! This is an interactive session, we want to address as many of your questions as possible.
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