September will kick off with SyncIpswich first Applied Technology talk from Ben Thompson and Gary Nel from new startup, commercial aerial inspection business DSG (Drone Survey Group).

Gary will be sharing over 21 years of surveying experience, driven by innovation and applying the best solution for each challenge.

Past techniques and methods he will share will include:
– 2015 Successful survey of the entire Norfolk Broads, 230km embankments and 135km bathymetric survey using innovative techniques like UAV’s and sonar. To date this still proves to be the biggest single survey done by UAV in the UK
– 2016 Gary completed the first Hinkley Point C Power Station UAV survey for EDF (Under special CAA permission).
– 2018 Gary secured a full LiDAR survey of the Entire Thames defence – First Leica Pegasus Two in Europe – First P2U and Backpack in UK

Gary is now partnering with HALO in supplying the first optional manned aircraft fitted with LiDAR and High Res RGB camera for mapping large areas fast and at low cost

About Gary: With over 21 years’ experience in the civil engineering industry, working with some of the biggest construction companies in the UK, Gary has a reputation of innovator and problem solver. In 2011 Gary started using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to assist in surveying and ultimately to enhance services to his clients. He was the first person in the UK to purchase a SenseFly EBEE (a sophisticated fixed wing UAV) to assist and develop aerial surveying using photogrammetry.

As an Associate Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Gary has participated in a portfolio of prestigious survey & engineering projects including:
– Abberton Reservoir upsize scheme
– The construction of Lowestoft Waste Water Treatment Centre
– The Colchester Garrison upgrade projects
– The Broadland Flood Alleviation Project
– HPC (Hinkley Nuclear Power Station C)
– Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100 programme (TEAM2100)

Ben Thompson – MD and chief night licensed commercial pilot – Leads the development of DSG which has grown over the past 3 years to be a highly professional and dependable business both in the UK and internationally with an unblemished commercial safely record. Ben will be guiding us through a recent project with drone utilisation with the how? Why? When? they can be used to provide an extremely efficient precise tool completing data collection for quick interpretation and crucial decision making.

Current & Past Projects
– Volumetric quantification for British Sugar (Wissington)
– Consultancy Role in conjunction with Norfolk Police
– Independent Historical Preservation projects
– Carbon Sequestration analysis for DOE Antigua
– Workflow consultancy for Antigua and Barbuda DOE drone fleet
– Technical and workflow consultancy for C.E.F.A.S
– UK wide inspection projects

How future collaboration with GN Surveys in 2019 will further benefit local authorities and businesses and the way in which surveying techniques can be utilised for increased ROI.

We are so happy to have the support of IJYI, one of our region’s most successful development agencies. They will be providing a venue and sponsoring drinks so a huge thank you to them for their continued support.

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