Autonomy at the edge workshop


The move towards autonomy in IoT sensors and edge devices is one of the biggest strategic technology trends today. As the number and variety of these autonomous devices grow, it will be essential to ensure that they can connect and interoperate.

SAPIENT has been developed with this need in mind. It is a type of protocol that provides the interface between a wide variety of autonomous sensor modules and autonomous decision-making modules. While the initial focus was around perimeter security the protocol also has a very wide range of potential commercial applications, spanning areas such as smart buildings and cities, industrial IoT and AgriTech.

We would be delighted if you are able to join us at the “Autonomy at the Edge” workshop in London on 7th February. The workshop gives you the opportunity to directly influence the development of the SAPIENT protocol and will include discussion of the most valuable applications as well as what would help your organisation to adopt and benefit from SAPIENT.

The agenda for the day is:

12-00 Lunch and networking

13-00 Welcome and context/goals for the day

13-15 Introductions

13-30 SAPIENT: overview and example implementations

14-00 Breakout 1: Discuss and prioritise opportunities and applications

14-30 Coffee break

14-45 Breakout 1: Discuss and prioritise opportunities and applications

15-15 Breakout 2: Supporting adoption: challenges and requirements

15-45 Wrap up and next steps

16-15 Close

We hope to see you there on the day.

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