By Brigette Currin 4 minute read

Post by Innovation Centre Knowledge Gateway

As the country faces the deepening economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating the world of recruitment has become a difficult reality for many. We caught up with RoleCatcher to find out more about their mission to support and empower job seekers using innovative software solutions.


Tell us more about RoleCatcher. How did it all start?

In 2019 I began looking for a job for the first time in nearly twenty years. I discovered just how much the recruitment process has changed in that time, and not necessarily for the better. Automated software has replaced most human interaction points, with algorithms capable of matching keywords against thousands of CVs. While this change has a limited impact on employers, it means candidates must send far more applications to overcome the computer at the other end.

Overwhelmed by all the moving parts, managing the volume of applications was becoming a full-time job in its own right. I sought out a software solution to help me organise my search and, finding none, the idea for RoleCatcher was born. The core focus of the software is to empower job seekers and help them control the process. We’ve added tools to eliminate repetitive tasks, making the process of finding a job simpler and more efficient.

When did you move into the ICKG and what made you decide to join? 

Going from employment in a big corporation to starting a business on your own is a huge step and can feel quite isolating. Joining the Innovation Centre, I instantly became part of an entrepreneurial community. In addition to a network of peers, I had direct access to structured business support and guidance. I was encouraged to make use of the centre’s links to outside organisations, such as AWS. These elements have considerably accelerated our business development.

Has being a tenant at the ICKG opened any opportunities for your business?

There have been several, the most significant being our application for Innovate UK funding. A resident shared a link to an Innovate UK competition in the ICKG chatroom. I made a submission and won a significant amount of funding, which has helped accelerate my business growth. We wouldn’t be where we are today without that message.

Can you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with the University of Essex?

We are working with the Computer Science department to develop an AI-based tool, which will become a crucial part of our service offering. The tool analyses different versions of a candidate’s CV and compares them against a job spec. The AI component uses keyword matching to determine which CV has the best chance of success. The tool also identifies areas for improvement and automatically highlights areas of the job spec that have not been met. All of our staff have come from the University Careers and Interns team and we hope to deepen our links with the University as the business grows.

What do the next 6-12 months look like for RoleCatcher?

Our launch is on track for early Q1 2021 and will initially be marketed to job seekers. Data suggests that one in four people are looking for a new job and we anticipate that our initial market could be significantly larger as a result of the pandemic. We then plan to develop B2B sales channels and sell white-labelled versions of the product to University career services, outplacement services, and state employment services. As our product is universal, our long-term goal is to expand internationally, starting with Ireland in Q4.

How would you rate the business support services at the ICKG? 

It is the equivalent of being plugged into a knowledge grid and having access to information not available in a generic office rental. For example, we learned about the Kickstart programme in an email from the Innovation Director. As a direct consequence of that email, we have hired three additional resources that we almost certainly wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

What would you say to a growing business that is considering moving to the ICKG? 

Our business has developed faster and in a more structured way through being part of the ICKG. You have access to knowledge, support, and a community not replicated elsewhere. When community events open up again it will amplify the benefits even further.

We are proud to have Rolecatcher based here at the Innovation Centre. If you are interested in how you can be part of the centre, please contact us at or 01206 405 500