At Derivco, our Sports unit is made up of four-hundred talented, passionate and technically advanced people. With offices in five locations across Europe, we all work hard towards one end goal; to create the very best online Sportsbook product in the industry.   We are on a path to create and maintain the very best product in the sports betting industry. In order to succeed, we know we need to support and grow our people by providing everyone with the tools they need to be the very best they can be.  We ask our people, if they believe that collaborating with their peers is the best way to produce something remarkable… If they believe in challenging the status quo… If they believe in personal and professional growth…  Then they believe what we believe, and together we will become the very best.  At Derivco Sports, we are split across the offices in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Malta and the Isle of Man.   We pride ourselves on our culture and are dedicated to make every person within our team feel at home. We are proud of the intelligent, successful, hard-working workforce that we have here, and we reward them all as much as possible through our events, communications and ultimately our support to every single person. By creating a working environment that everyone feels happy, cared for and excited to be a part of, we create the very best team who will only produce the very best.

Where is Derivco Sports?

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