By Tech East 2 minute read

Aviva Foundry and Tech East are hosting a Fintech Hackathon, with the aim of bringing together the Fintech community in Norfolk, as well as fostering creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship in the region.

The Hackathon will bring together a diverse group of participants and mentors, including people from the tech industry, innovators, local businesses and enthusiasts, to explore key challenges and devise solutions. Teams will work on a real-world challenge, then develop and pitch their solutions to a panel of judges and mentors in a final celebration event at Aviva’s Marble Hall, in Norwich.

Taking place on 8 and 9 March in the Digitech Factory, the event is the first of its kind in the region. The event is supported by Financial Industry Group (FIG) and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.

Registration is open until 18 February for the two-day event, which hopes to generate innovative solutions for problems faced by businesses in the area. The hackathon will focus on the ways to build a diverse and dynamic Fintech industry in Norfolk, particularly around collaboration, mentoring and customer focus. The Fintech Hackathon is open to anyone who is interested in Fintech and has the skills, knowledge, and motivation to participate. Participants must be over the age of 16, with interest in technology, an innovative mind or business experience.

Ben Luckett, Managing Director for Venture Capital at Aviva, said: “The Fintech Hackathon is a brilliant opportunity for local businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate to solve some of the real-world problems impacting the industry here in Norwich, helping the industry get ready for the future. Although this hackathon is the first of its kind in the area, the Fintech partnership is growing. At Aviva, we’re really keen to support collaboration and investment locally, and we will continue to work with partners to continue to promote Fintech as part of this work.”

Tim Robinson, COO at Tech East, added: “Norfolk’s Fintech Hackathon is a groundbreaking initiative that underscores the region’s commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship in the burgeoning Fintech community. By bringing together diverse minds and talents, this event is poised to unlock creative solutions, driving the evolution of Norfolk’s Fintech industry. We encourage all interested individuals to register for this groundbreaking event, as it marks a significant step towards building a vibrant and dynamic Fintech industry in Norfolk.”