Adaptation Through Innovation; Beyond the Comfort Zone

The REAP conference is unique in the UK’s agri-tech event calendar. Putting farmers at the centre of the discussion, REAP helps delegates navigate the demands of 21st Century agriculture by reframing challenges to encourage new ideas and identify innovative solutions.

Come and discover game-changing technologies, meet industry-leading farmers, and be inspired by world-class research. Immerse yourself in the UK’s agri-tech ecosystem at our 10th REAP conference.

Each year REAP focuses on a central theme. This year we’ll be exploring:

Adaptation through Innovation; Beyond the Comfort Zone

The last five years have had far-reaching impacts on global agriculture and horticulture. From the effect of a global pandemic to the increasingly obvious impacts of climate change, and the UK’s departure from the EU. As a sector, we’ve faced uncertainty through destabilised supply chains, disruptive weather patterns, and game-changing policy shifts.

One thing is for certain: the world has changed.

In an environment where the challenges are dramatically affecting input costs, access to labour and land management decisions, few of our businesses are operating within the comfort zone. Rather we are increasingly forced beyond into what is known as the “stretch” zone, or even the “panic” zone.

But while this may feel uncomfortable, it is this state of stretch that offers the largest potential for growth.

It is here we open to new opportunities, engage fresh thinking, and find inspiration. It is here we conceive new research and great technologies to build a more productive, profitable and sustainable agri-food industry. It is here we can harness innovations to adapt and thrive in this new world.

Join us at the 2023 REAP Conference for discussions, learning and insights. Agri-TechE seeks out the most exciting new innovations, introduces technologists to investors and helps to bring cutting-edge research to the farms. Together we can exploit the discomfort of the ‘stretch’.

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Rowley Mile Conference Centre, Newmarket
Organiser: Agri-Tech

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