The Talk:

A high-level overview around some of the tactics and attack paths ‘hackers’ utilise when profiling and ultimately attacking organisations.

What we will cover:

✔ Common cyber security misconceptions
✔ Types of hackers
✔ Examples of how hackers profile organisations
✔ Office365 attack scenarios
✔ Defence

About Matthew Hunn:

Matthew Hunn is a penetration tester who supports organisation’s in identifying their security weaknesses and their impact on the integrity of critical business assets. Leveraging his past experience in digital forensics and incident response, Matthew replicates the ‘attack vectors’ a malicious actor would seek and exploit to compromise a victim; allowing them to ensure resilient, fit for purpose, defences are in place.

Green Duck’s Labsec cyber security division delivers continuous security monitoring, consultancy and strategy planning, penetration testing and Cyber Essentials certification services.

Your Hosts:

Delivered to you in collaboration with Suffolk Developers group, Ipswich & Suffolk Tech Network and OWASP.

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Organiser: Suffolk Developers