Showcase event to find out about the wide range of R & D and commercialisation activity taking place on Norwich Research Park

Anglia Innovation Partnership (AIP) is hosting its 5th ‘Norwich Research Park Enterprise Tuesday’ Showcase on 11th June, from 1330-1800, at the John Innes Conference Centre, Norwich Research Park.

This event entitled ‘Research and Technology Platforms Open for Innovative Business’ will feature speakers from the John Innes Centre, Earlham Institute, Quadram Institute and UEA highlighting the technology platforms developed at Norwich Research Park, revealing their origin, and presenting case studies on their applications and discoveries. The speakers will delve into the funding sources for these platforms, showcase their practical implementations in various industries and their critical role in enabling businesses to access expertise.

The second half of the agenda is an interactive panel discussion titled “Strengthening Engagement through ‘Science Push’ and ‘Industry Pull”. The panel will focus on the power of technology platforms to deliver for business, to maximise impact for society.

During this programme attendees will be able to connect with a wide range of specialist technology platforms available at Norwich Research Park.

We really look forward to welcoming you. You can view the event agenda here.

Registration: 13.30

Start time: 13.45

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John Innes Conference Centre John Innes Conference Centre Colney Lane Norwich NR4 7UH
Organiser: Norwich Research Park

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