Exhibit your game at Barclays Games Frenzy 2024

Connected Innovation and Game Anglia are partnering to sponsor and oversee a delegation of Norfolk and Suffolk game developers for Barclays Games Frenzy 2024. Successful applicants for this special industry event will receive accommodation and a travel stipend. The partnership aims to support talented developers who would not usually have this opportunity.

What is Barclays Games Frenzy 2024?

The aim of the Games Frenzy is to spotlight important industry topics, create opportunities for new and upcoming UK games talent to showcase their games, and create a great opportunity to network with others in the industry. This year’s Barclays Games Frenzy is on Thursday 16 May 2024, at Barclays’ Canary Warf HQ in London.

Eligibility Criteria

Based in Norfolk or Suffolk, UK

Available on 16 – 17 May 2024

Playable build and machine (such as a PC, Mac or laptop) ready

“The East of England is a little known but powerful hub full of true independent game developers, building the games industry of tomorrow. We’re looking forward to bringing together Game Anglia’s extensive network in the region with Connected Innovation’s knowledge and goals for this first-ever East of England delegation at a UK games showcase, the Barclays Games Frenzy nonetheless!”
Mark Backler (Game Anglia Co-Founder)
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Barclays’ Canary Warf HQ in London
Organiser: Barclays

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