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Optimizon, one of the UK’s fastest-growing eBay and Amazon agencies, with offices in London and Swindon, has announced the acquisition of Nozzle, an e-commerce and advertising optimisation platform for Amazon, headquartered in London; and Cambridge-based FMCG e-commerce agency Marketplace AMP.

From left to right: Rael Cline, Co-founder and CEO of Nozzle; James Pitts-Drake, Optimizon’s Founder and CEO; and Matt Anderson, Marketplace amp’s Managing Director.

James Pitts-Drake, Optimizon’s Founder and CEO said: “Optimizon is on a mission to establish itself as Europe’s largest data-led e-commerce consultancy, enabling consumers to find, love and buy a brand’s products, wherever they shop online.

“We are delighted to welcome Nozzle and Marketplace AMP into the Optimizon family.  Both companies have a proven track record and deep understanding of Amazon and other major online marketplaces.”

He continued: “As consumer behaviour shifts and technology advances, our systems and data can accurately profile a consumers’ buying behaviour to increase revenue and retention, therefore optimising profit.  Together, we are well-positioned to become Europe’s leading e-commerce agency.”

Marketplace AMP, a specialist fmcg amazon agency focusing on food and drink, health and hygiene, pet care and home, was founded in 2004. As an agency it has experienced exceptional growth under the leadership of Managing Director Matt Anderson and Operations Director Liz Tyler-James. Its global client portfolio includes Dettol, Durex, Mars Petcare, Spillers, Eat Natural, part of The Ferrero Group, and Polaroid.

Matt Anderson said: “We’ve been approached by a number of larger agencies over the past couple of years, who’ve been looking to expand their Amazon and eCommerce portfolio. But, it was the reputation and market knowledge of the team at Optimizon which resonated most with amp’s values, ambition to scale and to become Europe’s leading marketplace agency.  This coupled with Nozzle’s data-driven insights, made this a hugely appealing acquisition and one we know our clients, and prospective clients will really benefit from too.”

Nozzle, founded in 2020, uses technology and data science to analyse customer buying patterns on Amazon to uncover metrics such as customer repeat order rate, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, cross sells and more!

Rael Cline, Co-founder and CEO of Nozzle, said: “This is an exciting time for the team here at Nozzle. We’re at the cutting edge of e-commerce and ad technology, developing market leading products and working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Our team of developers will continue to provide our unique dashboards to everyone in the Amazon Seller market whilst also giving Optimizon a competitive advantage in terms of automation as well as data-led decision making across the entire customer journey.”

Speaking about both acquisitions, James Pitts-Drake continued: “Backed by a proven track record of marketplace expertise and fuelled by a passion for innovation and data-led decisions, Optimizon is poised to redefine what comprehensive e-commerce support truly means for brands, to target the increasingly fragmented shopper journey.

“Optimizon can be flexible with your business model to acquire products – opening up a retail model where we can buy the brand’s products in a turnkey solution. It’s simple and effortless and you can be absolutely sure your brand will be represented in the way that you want.  Our aim – wherever your consumers shop on Amazon, Ocado, Walmart, eBay or Tiktok – we are ‘on it’!”

As part of this acquisition, Optimizon will integrate both Nozzle’s and Marketplace AMP’s team into its existing workforce, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of world-class customer service for its clients.

Optimizon’s acquisition of Nozzle and Marketplace AMP marks a significant step towards its goal of becoming Europe’s leading e-commerce agency with further European acquisitions set for announcement this Autumn.

With a now expanded portfolio of services and an unwavering commitment to client success, Optimizon is poised to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape across the continent.