By Brigette Currin 2 minute read

Bay Tree VA is delighted to partner with JustGo (formerly JustGo Membership), an international software company providing a membership management system across the globe to member organisations, national associations, clubs and groups.

“Our experience with JustGo stems from mutual clients that have successfully combined the integration of the JustGo system and our VAs as their professional administrators”, explains Jane Cattermole, founder of Bay Tree VA.

The combination of JustGo and Bay Tree VA particularly benefits organisations run by volunteer Directors looking for an efficient, economic solution for the smooth running of their membership association. The software is very intuitive and user friendly and JustGo provide ongoing support and further software development for their clients. The system automates many of the processes such as reminders and renewals. Other features include online payments, reporting, data capture, event management and member offers and discounts.

“We are really excited about this partnership. With JustGo providing the software and Bay Tree VAs undertaking the administration, more clients in this sector will be streamlining their operations and improving the experience for their members. Using the JustGo system cuts down the time required for day-to-day operations so it makes sense to bring in a resource that is flexible allowing an organisation to adjust the hours to suit, perhaps increasing hours for events, or when renewals are due. Because we have members of the team trained on the JustGo system, we can provide holiday or illness cover which is another benefit. There is still a significant amount of task-based work to be done such as minute taking, producing newsletters, updating websites etc. Our high calibre team have the relevant experience and are familiar with the governance elements giving full support to the Board if required.” adds Jane.

Owain Fitzsimmons, Head of Marketing at JustGo concludes: “We enjoy working with Bay Tree VA and can see the value they bring to our mutual customers. Every organisation is different and has a unique set of priorities and challenges. Not only are the Bay Tree team a reliable resource they can be valuable as support to get our system embedded into an organisation and help maximise the benefits. We see this partnership as one of significant value to our customers for 2023”.

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