By Brigette Currin 2 minute read

The #21toWatch Campaign and Awards

People, companies and the ‘things’ they create, across Cambridge and the East of England are setting the standards in innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe. #21toWatch is a dedicated campaign to showcase and highlight the maybe lesser known, recognising those exciting new entries across all market sectors, and celebrating the very best work going on today in the region. With such diversity and ingenuity amongst the #21toWatch cohort, the attributes each submission is assessed on are Innovation, Challenge, Influence, Viability and Memorability.

Many on our list (not just the Top21!) have gone on to achieve great things, including enhanced promotions, additional investment, new clients and a variety of other opportunities. Our sponsors and partners also view the cofinitive #21toWatch campaign as a key investment for them as they support new ventures and opportunities.

We collate a list of the people, the companies and the ‘things’ throughout the year – these are the key dates you need to know. The nomination window for 2022/23 closes 13th January 2023, the shortlist is announced at the start of February, with the annual #21toWatch Top21 unveiled in a unique event on Thursday 2nd March 2023.


Be or nominate the #21toWatch

If you would like to submit a person, company or ‘thing’ to the #21toWatch list, please complete this form and we’ll be in touch to confirm receipt and next steps.

Everyone who successfully qualifies for the longlist, shortlist, and Top21 will all receive a promotional icon to use in their own communications.

You can also email us at, and don’t forget to join the discussion via @cofinitive #21toWatch

Nominations for 2022/23 open 1st September 2022. Any submissions received before this date will be recognised and considered for the 2023 listing.


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