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Recognising Excellence and Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

The National AI Awards, a prestigious new initiative celebrating outstanding achievements in artificial intelligence (AI), were officially launched today, with BT proudly announced as the headline sponsor. The inaugural event is set to take place on September 12, 2024, at Adastral Park, Ipswich, as a highlight of BT’s Secure Tomorrow Festival.

The National AI Awards aim to honour and showcase the groundbreaking work of individuals and organisations propelling the AI field forward within the UK. This unique awards program seeks to recognize the brilliant minds and pioneering companies that are making significant contributions to AI, profoundly impacting various sectors and transforming our world.

“We are at a tipping point for an AI revolution. The National AI Awards champions everyone who is helping to seize the AI opportunity safely and successfully,” said Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, BT Group. “At BT Group, our ambition is to be the most trusted connector of people, devices, and machines. We are clear on the role we want to play in harnessing AI for a brighter future for everyone.”

The National AI Awards are inclusive, welcoming nominations from organisations of all sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises. Nominations are now open, and the winners will be announced at a gala ceremony in Ipswich this September. A distinguished panel of independent experts and industry leaders has been assembled to review the nominations and select the winners, ensuring a fair and rigorous evaluation process.

The National AI Awards are organised by the same esteemed team behind the highly respected The National Cyber Awards ®, bringing their expertise and commitment to excellence to this new venture.

The categories for the awards include:

  • AI In Business
  • Education & Learning
  • Innovation & Safety
  • Public Service

Each category is designed to highlight the diverse and impactful ways AI is being utilised to drive innovation, efficiency, and positive change.

Join Us in Celebrating AI Excellence

The National AI Awards are more than just a celebration; they are a movement to inspire and encourage continuous safe advancement in AI. By recognizing and rewarding excellence, we aim to foster an environment where innovation thrives and AI technology can reach its full potential.

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