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Tech East members can now benefit from a new co-working location in Norwich as part of the expanding Workspace Passport. The Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia (UEA) is the latest location to be added, following The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, and Runway East in London.

The Workspace Passport makes it much easier for businesses in the East of England to move around the region and find collaborative opportunities with partners, potential recruits, investors, corporates, and universities. Members are able to book meeting rooms and hot-desk space at each of the three impressive venues.

Tim Robinson, Chief Operating Officer at Tech East says, “The Workspace Passport enables our members – in a very practical way – to access opportunities, find a place to work where there’s free wifi, hot desks and meeting rooms, and more importantly find partners or potential connections within those places.

“Having grown up and worked in this part of the world, I know how easy it can be to settle in to your own location. Tech East sees there’s a bigger picture – there’s more opportunity outside a 5-mile radius where you live and work, than you might know.

“The Workspace Passport enables our members to access those opportunities, and find the potential partners and connections in those locations. For that reason, we’ve put all our Workspace Passport locations in really nice co-working spaces, like the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, and the Enterprise Centre in Norwich.”

Opened in 2015, The Enterprise Centre is an award-winning building that sees commercial tenants working alongside students in a dynamic and vibrant community that brings benefits to all users.

Fearn Ainsworth, Commercial Services Manager at The Enterprise Centre says, “This partnership with Tech East further enhances The Enterprise Centre’s reputation as an inspiring and innovative building designed to enhance the incubation of small businesses and accelerate business growth.”

The Workspace Passport is a valuable benefit to members, making it easier for people to do business in the region. London’s Runway East, the first location to become part of the Workspace Passport, has seen fantastic uptake from Tech East members.

“Lots of us have had the experience of missing a train at Liverpool Street and having time to kill, or having a day of meetings in London and wanting to utilise that time in between”, says Tim Robinson. “As well as hot-desking, our members use the meeting spaces at Runway East for a range of activities, from running client workshops, to holding interviews to attract talent from London to the region.”

With the addition of Cambridge and Norwich, it’s all about making it easier to do business in the East of England.

“We’re really keen to bring people onto the campus at UEA to be able to access all the fantastic things that are here,” says Tim Robinson. “Beyond Norwich, we’d love to be able to add further locations in Ipswich and Colchester, and perhaps Peterborough, Chelmsford, Bury St Edmunds, and some of the other key places around the region, too.”

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