By Brigette Currin 2 minute read

Norfolk Developers is a community based technology group that focuses on the latest technology solutions and updates to existing technology platforms. We look at the technical sides of software development, systems architecture, agile methodologies and the latest cutting edge tech platforms from AWS to VR.

Recently we have started to explore some business focused sessions but we are technical at our core. Our regular evening events are free to attend. We also run hands on workshops, a quarterly breakfast and an annual winter conference in the last week of February every year:


We’ve planned a special Norfolk Developers event in West Norfolk which will be on Wednesday 11th of May. We have Richard Bang of FreekStorm games talking about Designing for room scale VR and Dom Davis talking about “Space, the final frontier”,  this will be held at Heacham Manor Hotel, PE31 7JX and you can RSVP for it here:

On Thursday May 12th Christos Matskas, another popular nor(DEV):con speaker, is doing a double header on ‘Cross platform mobile development with the power of Xamarin’ & ‘Introduction to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform’. You can RSVP here:


We’re still planning our main June event, but the rest of June will be full of workshops as well as the Norfolk Developers breakfast with Nigel Lubbock of Steeles Law who will be talking about software licensing on the 15th. You can RSVP here:

On the 15th of June Rupert Redington will be giving his updated and improved beginners JavaScript workshop. You can RSVP here:

The immensely popular Tim Ruffles will be returning on the 20th and 21st of June for a two day workshop on AngularJS 2. You can RSVP here:

Phil Nash will be giving a long awaited Swift (iOS) two day workshop on the 29th and 30th of June. Details to follow. You can RSVP here:

Come along to see what we are up to and meetup with our friendly and relaxed group of techies at one of these upcoming events.

Norfolk Developers has always been a keen supporter of tech in the East and will continue to spread the word across the region about the great work TechEast is doing and is also looking forward to the interest from outside of the region that TechEast will bring to the group.

Paul Greyner
Director, Norfolk Development & Naked Element