By Brigette Currin 2 minute read

From the Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0, manufacturing has always been a cornerstone of the UK economy. Continuous innovation has been the driving force behind this, but today – more than ever – manufacturers are under constant pressure from shrinking margins and in some instances, rising demands to boost factory efficiency, while enhancing safety and security.

Spurred by shorter product lifecycles and the impact of COVID-19, these longstanding challenges are made even more complex by the need for agility and emerging skills gaps. Not forgetting the need for every manufacturer to operate more sustainably and address future net zero requirements for the good of the planet, and their business. Together, this vast and varying range of factors makes the imperative for change far greater.

5G can be the key to realising this – and can potentially add up to £6.3bn to the value of the UK manufacturing industry by 2030, according to Vodafone. But while more benefits and use cases emerge every day, adopting, implementing and unlocking the potential of 5G can seem overwhelming.

UK5G is here to help manufacturers, of all types and sizes, find the right resources and connections to map a clearer path to utilising 5G.  So you can unlock the added productivity, flexibility, resiliency, security, sustainability and transformative benefits it, along with industrial digital technologies, can bring.

Discover some of the ways you can harness the 5G opportunity and be better connected.