British Business Bank has launched a new interactive website that offers independent information on finance options for scale-up, high growth and potential high growth businesses.  The new site features checklists to get ‘investor ready’ as well as article from finance providers on how smaller businesses can identify and access the right finance for their growth ambitions.


At the centre of the site is the British Business Bank’s new Finance Finder, a simple six-step tool that enables smaller business to explore and identify some of the fiannce options that might work for them.

The new online, backed by research into the way today’s aspiring business leaders access information in the digital age, has been designed to appeal to busy, digitally-savvy smaller business leaders with engaging, jargon free content, infographics, and videos as well as event listings to allow small businesses to grow tehir networks.  Plus, tehre are case studies and learnings from real businesses whio have successfully accessed finance.


The information hub can be found at 




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