By Brigette Currin 3 minute read

Award-winning Norwich-based SaaS company SupaPass has been helping businesses quickly transition online during the pandemic.

SupaPass makes instant payment-ready websites and mobile apps for businesses with digital content.

During the Covid-19 crisis, the team at SupaPass has been helping businesses make money from their zoom sessions, get paid to podcast, deliver paid lessons online,  and grow their digital sales. Offering customers new ways to monetise their content products together in one place, and build their own online community, SupaPass makes taking your business online easy.

Organisations use the SupaPass solution for their podcasts, video courses, digital conferences, paywalls, blogs and other content, where they can have everything all together in one place.  It is as easy to create as a Facebook Group, but where a business owns their own community and data.

The design is specialised for lots of content, so the website and app experience is slick and intuitive like on Netflix/Spotify, for a professional experience so businesses can give their customers the best.

Millions of individuals and businesses globally are needing a launch-ready, affordable content driven website and app.  With market trends towards greater privacy and data ownership, SupaPass offers innovative white-label software so that, unlike on social media, businesses can take back control of their online strategy, keeping 100% of their online sales and full ownership of customer data.

Businesses are really looking to save money at the moment, and SupaPass is a cost effective solution for them, as it is over 10 times faster and cheaper than custom-built solutions.

Businesses are also wanting to move fast, and SupaPass empowers them to launch a Netflix style website and app within days.

The SupaPass team has also found there is a huge demand right now for businesses to have not only a content website, but also native mobile apps that are slick and professional, but don’t cost the earth.  The research shows that video consumption through mobile devices is rising by 100% each year, and so businesses increasingly want to reach their audience on mobile devices.

Many entrepreneurs and creators have been adding new digital parts of their businesses, with new revenue streams and opportunities they say they couldn’t have done without the technology SupaPass provides.

SupaPass has changed my LIFE! I am now able to reach a global audience. Customers can now stream all my music on any device, watch videos and lots of other content all in one place.” Amanda Frolich, children’s educator, Amanda’s Action Club.

SupaPass have supplied a professional platform which up until very recently simply didn’t exist for niche channels with our budgets. They also share my passion for making all the elements of the online and app package clear, simple and very stylish. And this gets noticed.”  Tony Britten, composer and director, The Arts Channel

Founder and CEO of SupaPass, Juliana Meyer says “In these uncertain times one thing is for sure – we’re going to be living in a more digital world. We are delighted to be working with so many inspirational clients during this time who value delivering a great experience to their customers

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