Peek into unique, custom, and innovative chatbot technologies (with demos)

This webinar will be live on Thursday, 19 September at 2PM (BST).

What is happening behind ubisend’s closed doors? The AI solutions we build helps some of the largest companies in the world overcome their business challenges.

Peek behind the curtain. Watch as we demo some of the more unique and innovative pieces of technology we’ve developed for clients.

Discover what chatbots and AI make possible

In this webinar, we will:

  • discuss the many opportunities chatbots offer,
  • demo some of the advanced, never seen before technologies we build, and,
  • dig deeper into the process of solving business challenges with creative AI solutions.

Curious about chatbots, artificial intelligence, and the possibilities out there? Register to this webinar to take a deep dive into the technology of the future.


Date: Thursday, September 19 2019

Time: 2PM (BST)

Duration: 45 minutes

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