UKCT / SUGUK (East Anglia – Cambridge)


18:30 – Registration
18:45 – Session One
19:45 – Break and Pizza
20:00 – Session Two
20:30 – Close

Session 1

Power BI Introduction – How hot was this summer?
By Laura Graham-Brown

Power BI is a great tool from Microsoft to collect, transform and visualise your data in dynamic reports. It can handle a wide variety of data formats. This session is designed for anyone with little or no experience in Power BI. If you would like to learn about transforming data using queries, relationships, pretty visualisations, slicers and some natural language questions then this session is for you. Come and find out just how hot this summer has been compared to previous years.

Session 2

Extend your SharePoint Framework Solutions with the Power of Microsoft Graph
By Bill Ayers

Microsoft Graph is the single REST API endpoint that gives us access to the whole of Office 365 and the power of Search and AI. We’ll look at how Microsoft Graph works, and how we can use it to build intelligent applications that give us access to users’ mail, calendars, groups, tasks and intelligent insights as well as SharePoint. We’ll see how we can use the SharePoint Framework’s built-in MSGraphClient class to reach out to the Microsoft Graph and Office 365 data for the user. We’ll also look at the PnPJS library which gives us a Fluent-style strongly-typed wrapper library for the SharePoint REST API and see how it is being extended to support Microsoft Graph.

  • 18:30Registration
  • 18:45Session One
  • 19:45Break and Pizza
  • 20:00Session Two
  • 20:30Close
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