Why UK Tech Should Target Australia to Boost Their Global Expansion

In our globalised economy, growing internationally is a key driver for a company’s success and profitability. Especially in the fast-moving tech industries, where establishing a presence in high-potential markets has become vital to increase sales, attract talent, boost innovation, offer cost effective and valuable after-sales services, and leverage investments.

UK tech companies tend to overlook Australia when setting up their expansion plan, whereas setting up a presence in this market is a boost for the development of a tech company’s regional and global activity. Hosting fast-growing hubs for a variety of tech segments, Australia offers a welcoming environment and great resources for UK businesses.

Specialising in International expansion support, ALTIOS International are organising this event in partnership with techUK, and will offer presentations, discussions, and networking sessions to help you build your project to Australia, with the participation of governmental institutions, corporate banks, an international law firm, and tech companies established in these markets.

Speakers and agenda soon to be announced

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