The Google Cloud for Startups team is excited to host Sara Robinson, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, to talk all things Cloud AI and Auto ML.

Want to train and serve your custom model in the cloud? Learn about the latest features in Cloud AI Platform, and how you can use it for your TensorFlow, XGBoost, PyTorch, and Scikit Learn models. You’ll also learn how to get more insight into how your models are making predictions.

This session will also feature live demos from Sara.


Sara Robinson talking about Google Cloud AI Platform

About Sara:

Sara is a Developer Advocate on Google’s Cloud Platform team, focusing on machine learning. She inspires developers and data scientists to integrate ML into their applications through demos, online content, and events. Sara has a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University. Before Google, she was a Developer Advocate on the Firebase team. When she’s not programming she can be found on a spin bike, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, or eating froyo.

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