Innovation Martlesham, in association with East Suffolk Council would like to invite you to another knowledge sharing event

21st May, The Ross Building, Adastral Park

with Guest Speakers:

Andy Rayner, CTO Nevion

Mark Fisher, Procurement East Suffolk County Council

Darren Lewis, Head of BT Accelerator

Karen Isaac, BT Account Manager for EXFO

Attendees of this event will benefit from the knowledge Innovation Martlesham (IM) has gained from working with over a hundred companies who are part of the IM cluster at Adastral Park, Ipswich, UK.

A well known and successful sales director would always say to the new person in the sales team – ‘to achieve sales targets you need to know your customer’. In others words – to have a healthy flow of orders you need to understand how your target organisation works and the associated processes that can be engaged with so you can be part of the procurement process on an ongoing basis. To give a flavour how different organisations procure we have speakers from an SME, a Government Organisation and a Big Corporate that will explain what goes on behind closed doors in their organisations and give indications on how best to engage with similar entities.

Topics include:

Andy Rayner – Nevion a tech SME

  • How would you compare procurement in an SME with a major corporate
  • Do you have preferred suppliers and how do you select them
  • As an SME how do you engage with new suppliers that are relevant to you.
  • What advice would you give a company who wants to sell to SMEs.

Mark Fisher – East Suffolk CC

  • What is a typical local government procurement process
  • How does a potential supplier find out about what government agencies are looking for
  • Is there a basic criteria that government suppliers need to ensure their company has attained
  • How can I promote my brand to Government agencies

Darren Lewis – BT Accelerator

  • Are there different ways a supplier can get into corporates like BT
  • What are the key elements of a supply proposal that a corporate would look for
  • Corporates are big organisations so is there a function a supplier should focus on
  • So how can I be a supplier to BT

Karen Isaac – EXFO Account Manager into BT

  • How I got into sales
  • The importance of knowing your customer
  • Putting a compelling proposal together
  • My 3 key secrets to successful selling



** IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be advised that a delegate list will be created for hand-out at the event, for networking purposes. If you would like your name, company and job function to be included for other attendees to see, please let Jim know. This data will not be stored by Innovation Martlesham after the event **

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Ross Building, Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath

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