Entrepreneurial leadership starts with an ability to absorb an environment and explore the opportunities that exist within it. It is more than being aware of your own industry it is about being aware of what is happening within business.

This group is about information dissemination, exploration and building the sorts of collaborations and partnerships ready to exploit new opportunity.

The group is run by experienced business people, strongly connected and locally focused. Our mission is to help aspirational entrepreneurs breakthrough and move to the next level – this means connecting them to the resources that matter.
Access to the ‘whisper sessions’ is through membership of The Informed Entrepreneur Club – with a mission to educate, grow confidence and present opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore. We are systems thinkers, design led and focused on business model innovation – skills that we discuss and share with you.

The Club will offer its members access to regular round-table events and learning forums, and speakers. We know there is more to come with travel and corporate hospitality on our wish list.
Join us now and benefit from an ongoing close relationship as we transform this region.

7.15 AM – Meet in the Mission Café
7.30 AM – Free Delivery – Performing an Environmental Sweep
8.30 AM – Round table discussion and peer support including breakfast
9.30 AM – Close


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