The Android Apprentice


September Sync Norwich welcome Darryl, who will be visiting us from London.

Interested in Android development, want to know the basics as well as going a bit deeper? Well join us at Thyngs office September 20th.

If you would fancy talking along side Darryl about an Android related topic, then please message

Android Apprentice by Darryl Bayliss, Mobile Engineer, Axon Vibe

Talk Summary:

Android Apprentice is a new book for those looking to dive into the world of Android development. Written entirely from scratch using the latest Android tools. Join Darryl, the co author of the book,
as he explains why there has never been a better time to be an Android developer and why Android Apprentice is the book for you.

Short Bio:

Darryl is a Software Engineer based in London, focusing on Mobile development.
By day, he is the Mobile Chapter Lead at Axon Vibe. Helping build a platform to provide contextually relevant information to businesses and users all over the world.
By night, he is a writer and teacher over at An international group of developers providing high quality learning resources for people learning to program.
In his free time, he often likes to read books. The more dragons in it, the better.

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