Sync the City – Practice your Pitch & Tech & Tools Overview (Pre-Event)


Please join us for the Pre-Event for Sync the City – 54 startup event.

You will have the chance to practice your 1 minute pitch, give feedback to other pitchers, and get an overview of the tech, tools & APIs that will be available at the event.

You will also have the chance to meet event organisers and ask any questions about Sync the City.

Please grab a pre-event ticket here:

** The One Minute Pitch **

Sync the City starts with the initial pitching. If you have a great idea, you have 60 seconds to persuade your the audience to vote for your pitch, so you can proceed to the next stage (forming a team).

At each event, we usually have around 25% of the event attendees pitching an idea. Anybody can take to the stage and pitch an idea.

** Practice Your Pitch **

Join us at this special pre-event, in which you will have the opportunity to practice your pitch and get feedback.

Everybody is welcome, even if you are not attending Sync the city itself, or you are not planning to pitch.

** Tech, Tools and APIs overview **

Norfolk Developers will present the available tools, tech and APIs that can be used by the teams at Sync The City.

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