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This is a LOCKDOWN special.

Startup Pitches #8 brings you ideas, startups, and products launched during COVID-19.

#1 PomeGranite – promoting positive attitudes towards healthy habits

#2 Pathfindr – Safe Distancing Assistant. For healthy workplaces

#3 Bricks & Logic – Using Big Data to bring transparency to the London property market

#4 Goodery – local, organic grocery store with zero waste & emissions

** Agenda **

6.30pm – Intro & Hello
6.40pm – PomeGranite
6.50pm – Pathfindr
7.00pm – Bricks&Logic
7.10pm – Goodery
7.20pm – Q&A
7.25pm – Vote for Best Pitch
7.30pm – Close

** PITCH 1 -> PomeGranite **

PomeGranite is a new way of connecting health-conscious consumers with the wellness market, whilst substantiating health claims, fighting fake news, and promoting positive attitudes towards healthy habits. PomeGranite is a social media style user experience. Users can share, like and connect upon healthy choices, ‘tagging’ specific food products and health-promoting bioactives in order to pioneer scientifically supported, consumer lead.

Sophie Prosolek is a scientific researcher of molecular nutrition. Sophie has built up an impressive resume of science communication winning awards for her public engagement work.

** PITCH 2 -> Pathfindr **

To assist businesses with the challenges of COVID-19, Pathfindr has rapidly developed a new product to help people maintain safe social distancing and to keep businesses open.

Pathfindr’s Safe Distancing Assistant is affordable, lightweight, hygienic and simple to use. And it costs only £49.99 per unit.

The device can be deployed in any environment – indoors and outdoors – to assist with training and enforcement of social distancing. It helps businesses to comply with safe working legal requirements and avoid costly fines and crippling closures.

Speaker Ben Sturgess, Founder & CTO. Ben oversees all of Pathfindr’s entire technology offer across hardware and software. As well as ensuring Pathfindr’s current range of products and services remain market-leading, Ben is also the architect of new ideas to solve customer challenges by using innovative applications of technology.

** PITCH 3 -> Bricks&Logic **

There is a vast amount of public data available on UK property but much of it is unstructured and incomplete. We have cleaned and modeled the data, applied our own research and then filled in the gaps using the latest Machine Learning techniques to provide you with the best possible information at a click, and best of all it is completely free.

Pitching will be Michael is a Data Scientist with over 10 years experience across a range of industries. Beginning his career in Tesco’s Supply Chain R&D team, he then moved into commodities trading at Bank of America Merril Lynch (BAML) and Freepoint Commodities before joining Bricks&Logic as Head of Data Science.

** PITCH 4 -> Goodery **

Goodery is an online grocery store that delivers organic food and everyday essentials with zero emissions.

Speaker John Ellison is a Behavior Designer and entrepreneur on a mission to help people live more healthy, happy and meaningful lives. He does this by leading tech startups to delight their customers and receive good profits in return.

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