Hello, it’s been a while, and we are back with our startup pitch events.

This event series showcases local talent in a line-up of startup, product or idea pitch events. We have 5 startups pitching for you on April 20th.


🔎 Words.Tel – A Memorable Way To Be Found
⚙️ Property Toolkit – Helping Property Investors Find Deals
🧘‍♀️ Periscope – Your Perimenopause wellbeing toolkit
🌿 Hemp Innovations
🧑‍💻 Tech Educators_ – Instructor-Led Coding Bootcamps


6.00pm – Arrivals & Networking with Pizza & Beer
6.15 pm – Intro
6.30 pm – PITCH 1 -> Words.Tel
6.40 pm – PITCH 2 -> Property Toolkit
6.50 pm – PITCH 3 -> Periscope
7.00 pm – PITCH 4 -> Hemp Innovations
7.10 pm – PITCH 5 -> Tech Educators
7.20 pm – Q&A
7.40 pm – Vote for Best Pitch
7.45 pm – Stay at the pub or head home

PITCH 1️⃣ -> Words.Tel

Giving everyone a memorable way to stand out and be found, without hard-to-remember contact details, without search engines, SEO ranking and promoted content.
We are the only platform to create your own taglines (short memorable phrases) with the help of AI, uniquely own them, and use them to be easily remembered and found. Without competitors or ads.


Speaker Giancarlo Erra is the Founder and CEO of Words.Tel and UK-based Italian producer, composer, entrepreneur and IT engineer. I channel my passion for dogs, photography, astrophotography and videography in my free time.


PITCH 2️⃣ -> Property Toolkit

Property Toolkit has a tailored approach to each individual property investor and the software searches through 10,000s of listings each day and delivers you deals based on the information you give.
Why spend your valuable time and ultimately money when Property Toolkit can bring you the BEST deals specifically for customers within minutes?

> Speakers

Directors Tristan and Ben are both full-time property investors which was a huge advantage when making the software. They understand what fellow property investors want and have built the software suited to a variety of investors’ requirements and needs.


PITCH 3️⃣ -> Periscope

With over 34 symptoms perimenopause impacts women’s personal and professional lives. Using readily available data from smart watches and other health, wellbeing and lifestyle apps, we want to help women take control of their perimenopause.


Clare is head of operations for CADS, a retail space software and consultancy business.


PITCH 4️⃣ -> – Hemp Innovations

Hemp Innovations uses AI technology to enable a high-quality grading and processing of Hemp for use in a variety of industrial processes. Hemp is an important tool in the fight against climate change because it sequesters carbon in the manufacture of products that would otherwise rely on plastics or other carbon-intensive materials.

> company/product link coming soon.

Speaker Simon Blackwell is the founder and has five years’ of experience in the Hemp industry starting with time spent in the laboratories of an early leading British CBD company.


PITCH 5️⃣ -> Tech Educators_

We believe in truly supporting individuals to unlock and accelerate a career in code. Our courses are always instructor-led, with a cohort who become a support network as your career develops. From our coding bootcamp taster sessions to our Full-stack coding bootcamp , and our Forbes-listed blockchain bootcamp , we have a course that is right for you.


Speaker James Adams has been fortunate enough to receive enterprise-level accelerated management training within a Fortune 200 company. Working on projects in USA, China and throughout Europe.



Langham Recruitement
Leathes Prior Solicitors

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St Andrews Brew House 41 Saint Andrews Street Norwich
Organiser: Sync Norwich

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