Showcasing Norwich Blockchain Startups & Token Sales

Welcome to March Event, and its all about Blockchain based Norwich startups and their token sales!

** TALK 1 **

Housing, blockchain and the third industrial revolution by Josh Graham, CEO @ Ehab

The current way we have organised our society is built upon logic from 100 years ago. The outcome is a rapidly deteriorating environment and a global economy which will never see the same growth again. In order to save ourselves and our planet there must be a revolution. Internet of things, renewable energy and autonomous vehicles will be the infrastructure the revolution is delivered upon. The ehab platform plays a crucial role in this revolution. The ehab platform will be the digital infrastructure which enables new homes, neighborhoods and cities to be built in a collaborative way and funded in a decentralised way. All this underpinned by blockchain technology. We have 115,000 homes in our pipeline and will soon be working in collaboration with resilience brokers on 20 city regions worldwide.

> About Josh Graham

He graduated from UEA in 2015 after studying environmental science. This made pretty clear that the state of the world was very poor. For the last 2 and a half years he has been working on ehab as a business in many different guises, moving from property development to community development management and now to a completely new way to create homes, neighbourhoods and cities. He’s spoken at several events about the intersection of property and technology. As a social entrepreneur he also founded and run charities in the city or Norwich in relation to food waste and food poverty.

** TALK 2 **

Using the blockchain to overcome the funding gap by Rusty Nash, Founder and CEO @ Gift Off

The funding gap for startups and in particular, businesses looking to scale is all too real. To add to this, being based outside of London, the reluctance of banks to lend, and other fundraising methods proving expensive or legally burdensome, growing an otherwise solid business can be extremely tough.

Blockchain technology is providing new ways for businesses to raise investment. Gift Off is doing a world first, utilising this technology to sell equity in their business. Not only is it an interesting way to democratise the investment process and open it up to a global audience, it gives startups and scaleups a new fundraising method to experiment with.

> About Rusty

Founder and CEO of Gift Off, Rusty Nash has many years of experience as a developer, dating back to when he started on a BBC Micro in the late 80s. Along the way he also picked up the habit of starting eCommerce businesses. This all paved the way for launching Gift Off back in 2013, when he hit on an idea that was initially intended to help the bitcoin community, but quickly grew into a huge opportunity in the gift card industry.

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