We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our third International Festival of Learning (IFL) on 3 July 2020 at West Suffolk College. The festival presents the ever-growing movement made up of individuals, schools, colleges, universities and businesses who all share one crucially important mission – to improve education for people of all ages. 

 Our main aim is to create, support and develop the best possible conditions and cultures for all learners, in all contexts, across all sectors – supporting all educators and leaders to become the best they can be!

To achieve this aim, the IFL discusses and expands on three questions – relevant to anybody working in education or business leadership roles:

  1. What does world-class leadership look like?
    We will be sharing some of the best examples of evidence-led practice in education and business leadership.
  2. What do expert teachers do?
    We look at ideas and solutions to put into practical use – spotlighting successful techniques used to create optimal learning opportunities for all learners.
  3. How are the best cultures developed and sustained?
    The most successful and sustainable cultures (whether in an organisation, a community or a country) allow all those, who are part of it, to be a fundamental part of the culture. The festival shares proven ways to embed positive culture for long-term success.

Who is the event for?
The IFL is for everyone with an interest or insight into learning and leadership. The majority of our festival-goers are school, university and college leaders, Trust CEOs, teachers, governors, professors and lecturers. However, the reality is that everyone has something to gain from understanding and engaging with education. Support staff, business partners and school-linked organisations all have a vested interested in attending as a delegate – our doors are open to all!

What are the themes?
The themes and content of the festival are developed through consultation with our delegates, speakers and stakeholders. This allows us to curate the most useful and relevant content across a range of subjects all consolidated in one inspirational and exciting day filled with like-minded people.

What world class insight can I expect to see?
We are already building a fantastic line up of speakers, including Sir Anthony Seldon and Geoff Barton, but please keep checking our website (theifl.org) and follow our social media channels (@IFLfestival) to ensure you are up to date with the latest content and contributors and any discount codes that may be on offer.


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