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The Right Brain of IT
James Webb (

10 years ago, “consumer grade” was an insult – now it’s the standard we aim for. Our customer’s expectations of how they will interact with technology and what it will do for them are growing exponentially.

The only constant thing in peoples lives is change – and technology is often seen as the cause of this change, and the solution. But the role of technology is to solve problems, not to be an end in itself. More and more, the building blocks of systems are removed from sight, and our customers don’t expect to see them, or even hear about them.They want systems that work for them, and that solve their problems. They are more demanding of technical staff and developers and they have a right to be. “Computer says no” is not what they get from their iPhone, and it’s not what they expect at work.

So how can we make that change work for our customers and how do we work with customers and users who are both more demanding and less technical?How do we make sure that we can exceed their expectations and that they want to come back to us to buy more products and services?

This is an interactive session designed to give you practical tools and to get you thinking as the right brain of IT.

James Webb
IT Training and Adoption Manager at ISG plc

I started working in learning and development over 15 years ago, and have worked on over 60 projects, providing people with the knowledge and skills they need to work with new systems and processes. I have worked across industry, with charities, government bodies, media, professional services, construction, wholesale and education customers all over the world, helping them make the most of their IT investment.

Early on I realised that a focus on training alone, and particularly technical system training, was not enough to achieve success. My mission is to provide technical people with the tools they need, as suppliers and experts, to offer a much broader range of advice and a more consultative service. The aim is to close the gap between how non-technical people see enterprise and consumer technology, and in this way drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Time time… #LIFEworkbalance
Emma Roach (@emr_coach (

Is this elusive thing even possible? Emma will talk to us about the importance of what she calls #LIFEworkbalance and how it will help you and your business.

Emma Roach

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