Reduce defects with automated testing

This talk will cover the full gamut of automated testing from pure unit tests to full end to end testing. I will explain why testing is important, the various kinds of test and how they fit into the test pyramid. You will see practical examples of unit testing in C# using one of the more popular assertion libraries and mocking frameworks. I’ll show a similar kind of unit test in Angular and explain why unit testing in angular is more complex and can in some instances be considered integration testing. I’ll explain about code metrics and how to use code coverage tools to ensure your that riskiest areas of code are tested. Finally, I will show full end to end tests in both Angular and C# and describe some of the most common pitfalls.

Jason Zelos

Currently lead software engineer at Flagship Group, a non-profit social housing provider. I have worked in the East of England for both public and private sector organisations in Education, Telecoms, Retail and Housing as a software developer, architect and occasional project manager for around 20 years.

FaaS you like It – if Shakespeare had written Functions as a Service.

Function as a Service (FaaS) aims to improve developer productivity by abstracting, underlying infrastructure layers. This abstraction allows the developer to focus solely on the functionality that delivers value to the business and not on the plumbing.

In this talk I’ll cover:

– What is FaaS and Serverless
– The Fn project: an open – source, language neutral serverless platform
– Creating functions
– using an FDK (Function Development Kit)
– for languages with no FDK
– Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” performed as a set of Fn functions

Ewan Slater

Ewan Slater is an architect in Oracle’s EMEA Technology Cloud Team, with over twenty years experience in the technology industry. He is currently focused on helping Oracle’s customers and partners adopt a cloud – first approach to development. Outside of work he is an active member of the Norwich Ruby User Group (NRUG) and Digital East Anglia. He contributes to a number of open source projects and is one of the organisers of DevEast.

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