Productivity Conference

NAAME’s first annual Productivity Conference, The Journey… Productivity, will be taking place on the 17th September 2018 at the University of East Anglia’s Enterprise Centre.

Registration and welcome Tea & Coffee will begin at 09:30, with the event scheduled to close by 15:30.

The conference will allow you to:

  • Benchmark productivity in your business and realise its’ full potential
  • Create a pathway to increase productivity in your business
  • Discover tools and strategies used by leaders in productivity
  • Build relationships, learn, and share best practice

The journey will also focus upon the following themes:

  • What is Productivity: Productivity means different things to different people; how can we measure productivity levels on a national level and at a business level?
  • The Productivity Journey: Is there a specific journey businesses can take to improve their productivity, and how much of it falls in line with Industry 4.0?
  • Implementing Productivity: What practical steps and processes are available to increase productivity in businesses?

More information and confirmation of speakers will follow shortly.

Please note that we currently have a range of collaboration opportunities available, with various levels of exhibiting space, marketing and promotion on offer.

Please contact Jordan at to discuss collaboration opportunities and/or for more information.

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