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In this fast passed demo we will be quickly moving though the way PowerBI empowers users to create a model that supports big data sources that can be in the region of trillions of rows and petabytes of data.
Visualisations and Dashboarding are pivotal to organisations with multiple monitors dotted around offices showing many, many different reports for different teams. From SecOps to DevOps, Marketing to Sales and everything in-between, most teams have a reports and dashboards they use on a daily basis.
PowerBI is a feature rich best of breed visualisation tool that sits within the Microsoft ecosystem and as such has strong ties into Azure. Data sources can come from SQL DB, Synapse, Data Lake, Cosmos, Spark and more. With connectors into Big Data platforms like Synapse, Spark and Data Lake, teams have larger and larger data sets available to them, one of the jobs of a BI Engineer to munge data and aggregate data so that reports remain responsive. This works for 95% of use cases, but lower granularity triage ability is often lost as data is aggregated, PowerBI Aggregations changes the way we build aggregation dashboards and in this session we will cover, why, how and most importantly when to use this power capability.

BIO: Sandy is a Lead Data Engineer at Elastacloud where he has worked for 3 years on myriad projects ranging from SME to FTSE 100 customers. He is a strong advocate of Databricks on Azure and using Spark to solve Big Data

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