The Norwich Gaming Development Scene: Game Jams & Making Money From Your Game


The Norwich Gaming Festival, held at the Forum in May each year, attracted over 50,000 people in 2017.

For April’s SyncNorwich we thought we’d invite talks from local developers involved in the gaming sector.

**Talk 1**

Game Jams – A Pretty Excellent Gateway To The Game Dev Industry by Shaun Wall, CTO at Big Boss Battle.


Talk Summary:

Game jams are great. Like web and tech hackathons, they’re good for prototyping and seeing whether the cool game idea that exists within your skull translates well into an actual experience. Even more so, they’re fantastic for learning, experimenting and ensuring you actually finish a project — the results of which become excellent portfolio pieces for flaunting at employers within the games industry.

This talk will explore what game jams are, how you can get involved in them, and what you can expect from your first 72 hours of developing, designing and swearing at physics bugs.

Shaun’s Bio:

Primarily a web developer, Shaun wears an assortment of attractive hats in his various roles in the games industry. In addition to co-owning and writing for gaming review and news site Big Boss Battle, he develops games in his spare time (showcasing at Norwich Gaming Festival this year) and works with small indie studios to assist with community and marketing efforts.

**Talk 2**

Shipping a Successful Mobile Game: From inception to revenue by Rich Woods an Independent Games Developer at Exobyte.


Talk summary:

As an indie developer, getting visibility for a game amongst a sea of new releases is notoriously difficult. This is particularly true in the mobile games market with hundreds of new games being added to the app stores every day. Rich describes how his strategy for success began with finding a market niche where his game stood a good chance of getting public exposure. Even if you can get that visibility, having financial success is not guaranteed. The game was also an experiment in a new freemium business model, an experiment that has paid impressive dividends.

Rich’s Bio:

Norwich based games developer Rich Woods has had incredible success releasing five mobile games all written in his spare time in the past six years. His games have now had over three million downloads with a current active install base of over 60k devices. As a solo developer Rich works on all aspects of the game development process including game design, project management, writing code, producing sound effects, making art assets, dealing with legal issues, customer support, managing finances, deciding on strategy and directing promotional efforts.

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