As digital interactions pervade every aspect of our lives, the issues of user identification and secure authentication are a critical challenge. Traditional password-based systems have proven inadequate, leaving businesses and individuals grappling with the need for seamless yet secure experiences.

At this NBS Business Breakfast Series event, our panel of experts will discuss the Internet’s identity crisis and expose the transformative potential of mobile identity solutions. Our colleague Fabio Motoki will setup the context of our conversation with the visionary Gautam Hazari from sharing his insights on how the missing identity layer of the Internet can pave the way for a passwordless future through the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Join us as we untangle the complexities of digital identity and gain a refreshingly different perspective on how your organisation can contribute to and benefit from a world where seamless and secure experiences are the norm, without the need for passwords or cumbersome authentication processes.

07:30: Registration, breakfast & networking
08:00: Welcome and intro by NBS host (Dr. Tiago Botelho)
08:10: Digital Identity – current challenges in user identification (Dr. Fabio Motoki, NBS)
08:20: A Passwordless World: The Internet’s Identity Crisis (And the Solution) (Gautam Hazari,
08:45: Q&A
09:00: Closing words and opportunity to network
09:45: Event ends

Further Information:
It’s no exaggeration to say Gautam Hazari, TEDx speaker, mobile identity guru, technology humaniser, and AI enthusiast invented Mobile Identity. With a knack for making the complex eminently understandable, join him for an enlightening, transformative and exclusive session as he delves into the future of digital identity.

This event will explore the pivotal concepts of humanisation and identity, seamlessly linking these
themes – via artificial intelligence and machine learning – to the security of the human in our digital
world Every attendee will take away identity concepts that will transform how they use the internet,
or how their company can protect itself, and how humanising identity benefits all humans.

Discover how the elimination of passwords is not just a distant dream but a present reality. Beyond
biometrics and Passkeys, Gautam will reveal how the missing identity layer of the Internet is hiding in plain sight and can make transactions, payments, and logins seamless and secure without the need for passwords, SMS OTPs or cumbersome authentication methods.

He will argue that while security is largely a solved issue, identity remains the burning challenge of our times. He’ll also dive into advanced topics such as amygdala hijacking, nomophobia, the internet of thoughts, and how a technology humans have trusted since 1991 holds the key to solving the internet’s identity crisis.

Gautam will also share an inspiring vision for 2030, where mobile network operators and APIs ensure secure, passless experiences for all humans worldwide. Never not interesting, Gautam is that rarest of speakers in that he has bold dreams, but also has tangible solutions.
Take advantage of this opportunity to gain insights from a leading expert in the field and learn how you can contribute to and benefit from a passwordless future. Secure your spot now.


This event is tailored (like Gautam’s solutions) for all humans, including those with an interest in
identity, those with companies where user security is of interest, technical and Fintech
representatives, CTOs, as well as students, lecturers and professors wanting a refreshingly different
take on digital identity.
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UEA CAMPUS VENUE Thomas Paine Study Centre 2.04
Organiser: Norwich Business School, UEA and Natwest

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