Norfolk Developers – Nor(DEV) Nor(Dev) bring you Mobile Machine Learning Extravaganza

Machine Learning is an exciting field of AI that helps to make intelligent decisions based on a set of data. Recent innovations have pushed Machine Learning into the realm of mobile devices, with benefits for all.

Dive straight into a show and tell to see how the tools today make creating machine learning models easily accessible to developers without the need to know complex maths. Also, learn why deploying machine learning models on a ​device is a big privacy win for both your users and business.

Darryl Bayliss

Darryl is a software engineer from Liverpool. Heʼs works at Axon Vibe as the Chapter Lead for Mobile Engineering, working on the iOS and Android SDKs to help developers and companies leverage the power of our Smart Mobility platform.

He is also Co-Author of Android Apprentice over at, a book for experienced developers who have never done a day of Android dev in their life. Darryl also previously worked as a teacher and university lecturer.

Balance of Continuous Testing in DevOps

Software Development in this modern era has evolved a lot. They focus more from the faster delivery of the product perspective and hence the teams started following the culture of DevOps which emphasis the adherence of the Continuous Delivery process.

One of the key entity in DevOps is Continuous Testing, where automated tests decide roll-out of the product. In this talk, we will discuss the concepts of continuous testing, how it can help in end-to-end automated testing within the delivery lifecycle, the adoption of the shift-left testing approach for detecting the bugs earlier in the development process.

Giridhar Rajkumar

With his 10+ years of experience in test automation, Giridhar has worked with multiple customers in the UK, EU, India and Latin America for a successful transformation on the way they work with regards to Continuous Testing and adopting the right set of toolsets for successful test automation model.

Giridhar is passionate about exploring new technologies and is an expert in Agile and DevOps. He is a successful trainer and trained over 1500+ professionals in Test Automation and BDD to get well-versed with the concepts and help them in implementing in real-time. Besides his Testing Profession, he spends his time in Web and Android development. He is a Global Speaker, an Industry leader on Test Automation and an Instructor in Test Automation University.

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