Matt Porter – shares ‘Gadget Man’ experiences – from Teslas to SmartWatches

  • In our next talk, Matt Porter, Web Designer, Drone Pilot and ‘Gadget Man’ will tell us what it’s like being ‘The Gadget Man’ and what it’s like driving an electric car for 1200 miles over 4 days.

    1200 miles in an Tesla Model S to prove a point

    In first part of his talk, Matt Porter, The Gadget Man will share his experience of driving from Ness Point to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse and back in a Tesla Model S 100D, a challenge he set himself to prove to the cynics that electric vehicles are a practical alternative to petrol and diesel even in the most remote areas. He will explain how the challenge came about, how it was originally meant to be a Father and Son experience, how the support by other tech companies also turned into in-situ gadget reviews and finally how he dispelled the myth of ‘Range Anxiety’, but discovered ‘Charge Anxiety’ instead.

    In the second part, Matt will talk about how he became the Gadget Man with the trials and tribulations of reviewing tech gear and how reviewing Smartwatches and Mobile Phones turned into reviewing $2,000,000 supercars and interviewing F1 superstar Mark Webber.

    About Matt

    As founder of of Matt Porter Web Design Ltd, Matt and his wife Vanessa have been designing websites for 15 years, he is also director of Skynamix, a aerial photography company and reviews gadgets and technology for his website The Gadget Man and writes for Iceni, On Our Doorstep and Around Colchester. He is regularly called upon for his opinions on BBC Radio Suffolk. He is married with five children.

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