Making and Managing Sales for Start-ups and Small Companies










Are you interested in attending a sales training workshop?  If so, this will be for a whole day with a half day coaching follow up at a later date.

It is also for people who have to sell to succeed with their ventures, but aren’t professional sales people.  The content of the workshop is below and it will be in 3 main sections through the whole day.


Sales skills

  • Overcoming the misconceptions around selling
  • The basic principles of selling
  • Basic selling skills
  • Building credibility
  • Understanding what really matters to your customer
  • Pitching
  • Gaining commitment
  • Handling objections
  • How to follow up effectively
  • Proposals and quotations
  • Competition
  • Selling to large organisations

Finding customers

  • Inbound vs outbound sales and marketing
  • Your Serviceable Available Market
  • Finding prospects
  • Connecting with prospects
  • Prioritising prospects

Managing sales

  • A numbers game
  • Tracking sales activity
  • Do I need a CRM system?
  • Developing a sales process

If you would like to secure your place to attend this workshop please email Jackie at 




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