Solve your customer service challenges with a chatbot

This webinar will take place on December 17, at 2PM (GMT).

Chatbots are changing the way customers engage with companies. As chatbot technology spreads, consumers are getting increasingly more confident using them.

Feedback from early adopters such as the Ombudsman and the NHS confirms it: chatbots solve real business challenges.

Join our webinar to learn more about the technology, including success stories from the aforementioned companies.

customer service chatbot in 2020 action plan

Action plan: implementing a chatbot in 2020

To kick things off, our experts will share key lessons learned deploying customer service chatbot solutions in 2019. They will also run you through live demonstrations that bring the lessons to life.

Convinced a chatbot could be the tool for you in 2020? Great!

Our experts will share an actionable plan that will get you from zero to chatbot-ready. You will learn:

  • How much time and budget you should set aside for a custom chatbot project.
  • What type of chatbots prevail, particularly in customer service.
  • The path to implementing brand new artificial intelligence software for the first time.

And much more.


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