Life hacks – tips for workplace wellbeing

Three great speakers to discuss mental health issues:

– OpenUpUEA – Student build Wellbeing App built by UEA Students
– Health Check Your Workplace: Simple Ways to Improve Wellbeing
– Don’t Just Sit There – Combatting the Effects of Sedentary Work

Stress, depression, anxiety; back, shoulder and knee pain: these are amongst the biggest causes of absence from work. Improving the health of your workplace will not only reduce the number of working days lost, but will also create a happier workforce with higher morale and better mental health – which in turn leads to increased productivity and better staff retention.

Do you ever actually stop to think about wellbeing in the workplace – your own or your colleagues’? Do you know how to promote mental and physical health in your work environment? Do you know the most common risks to wellbeing? Join us on 18 October to hear about – and share – tips for maintaining wellbeing in the workplace, whether your own or your colleagues’.

*Talk One*

Dr Laura Biggart from UEA, with members of the OpenUpUEA team – read more about their exciting new app here:

*Talk Two*

Susi Waters, SyncNorwich Co-organiser

Health Check Your Workplace: Simple Ways to Improve Wellbeing

Talk Summary: Whether you’re a CEO, HR professional, or colleague, wellbeing in the workplace is everyone’s business. This talk will outline simple ways to improve accessibility, morale, and wellbeing at work, whatever your budget.


Susi has worked in both corporate and public sector jobs, across a variety of roles, as well as having extensive voluntary experience. As a result, she has a good overview of the similarities and differences between private, public, and the third sectors – and how staff morale and wellbeing can be affected in different environments. As a person with an invisible disability, Susi is also very aware of potential pitfalls for employers – accessibility is an issue in which she is particularly interested. She also sits on the staff wellbeing committee in her current role, with a focus on staff reward and development.

*Talk Three*

Ollie Brown, Movement Teacher from ReDevelop Movement

Don’t Just Sit There – Combatting the Effects of Sedentary Work (it’s not what you think)

Talk Summary: Is sitting really the new smoking? Clickbait headlines and industry trends would have you believe so, but it’s not so black and white. The problems surrounding our modern lifestyles are incredibly complex but the solutions are remarkably (and sometimes embarrasingly) simple.

I’m providing a brief overview of these solutions and how they can be applied to your everyday life to solve the physical ailments you may have. The best bit; it’s a lot more fun than exercise.


Experienced Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Specialising in the application of mobility training to increase quality of life, rehabilitate injuries and mitigate the damage of future injuries. Founded ReDevelop Movement to combat the ever decreasing physical health of the population while providing a welcome alternative to the mundane trends in ‘fitness’ and ‘exercise’.

As ever, pizza and drinks (essential to wellbeing, we’re sure you’ll agree) will be provided by our lovely sponsors:

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