Japan – Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a service

A leading internet and communications company wants to jointly develop, fund and market new AI services.

You should be able to supply AI services that can offer:

– image recognition
– data analytics
– knowledge discovery
– voice recognition
– data classification
– content generation
– sentence comprehension
– environment recognition
– language and movement recognition
– translation

The company will provide support with:

– prototype development costs
– test marketing
– business partnerships
– collaboration and market release

It will also consider future investment.

You must have the technology and systems that can turn your innovation into an actual product, service, or solution.

Individuals are not eligible and concept phase projects will not be considered.

Submit your proposal to the Department for International Trade team in Japan.

All submissions will be reviewed and you will be notified of any potential next steps. You can only submit a proposal if you are a UK registered company

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