IUK Announces Identifying Regulatory Obligations on Businesses: Taking Stock and Building Insights SBRI Competition

According to the Better Regulation Executive (BRE), regulations can lead to disproportionate burdens on business, particularly if obligations are poorly co-ordinated. Digital innovations allow policymakers the opportunity to tackle this problem by looking at the UK’s regulatory environment as a whole.

BRE wishes to develop a regulatory system that is simpler for businesses to navigate, while maintaining important protections for citizens and the environment. Through this Innovate UK (IUK) Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition, BRE is seeking technological solutions to help analyse the cumulative effect of different regulations on business.

Technological solutions which address the following three questions are being sought:

  1. How can we analyse the stock of existing regulation and identify which requirements apply to different businesses and sectors?
  2. How can we assess how challenging individual regulatory requirements are for different businesses and sectors to comply with?
  3. How can we assess how challenging the cumulative stock of regulation is for different businesses and sectors to comply with?

Applicants should demonstrate the potential to answer at least one of the three questions in the scope for businesses operating within a specific sector.

This is phase 1 of a potential 2-phase competition. (A decision to proceed with phase 2 will depend on the outcomes from phase 1.) A total of up to £250,000, including VAT, is allocated to phase 1. The phase involves feasibility study research and development (R&D) contracts being awarded up to £50,000. This is for each project to demonstrate technical feasibility of the proposed solution.

Businesses of any size can lead a project. They may work alone or with others from business, the research base or charities and public sector organisations as subcontractors. IUK welcomes applications that bring together a consortium of sector specialists.

The competition opens on 14 January 2019 with a deadline for registrations of 20 February 2019.

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